Monday, August 30, 2010

In Training

I am in the trenches potty training my youngest right now. Yes, he is only 20 months old. Yes, I am quite possibly insane. (Not sure that was ever in question though....) Yes, I do own a carpet cleaner and a great washing machine. No, I did not do this this early with either of my other two.

Some of the my random thoughts on the whole potty training process:
  • Our moms had us trained earlier because washing underwear is not any different that washing cloth diapers.
  • For 2-3 years we "train" our babies to go in diapers. "No! Don't pee on the carpet! Let me put your diaper back on!" Then we want them to just decide to do it differently in a weekend.
  • No matter what article you read, it will be messy.
  • We are told that the best time to start this process is around 2.5. You may or may not realize that this coincides with the TERRIBLE TWOS! "Now that you are realizing you have a free will, I would like to assert my opinion that you should pee in the potty."
  • We are also told not to start if the child has had lately or will have upcoming unusual circumstances (i.e.--teething, new sibling, sickness, trip away from home, company in the home, family transition, holidays.... Read: their entire childhood.)
  • And, yet another thing we are told: we should block off some time in our calendar (anywhere from a weekend to 3 weeks) to devote to this project. Do not plan to go anywhere for a week. REALLY, who can do this? I have never been able to find more than a 3-day stretch to carve out of my schedule, and this doesn't get it done. Which brings me to my next point...
  • If your child does train in a weekend, sign them up for gifted testing. Because they are exceptional. And also, please don't tell any of the rest of us about it.