Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anniversary Log

A couple years ago, I started something I wish I had done many years ago. I made an official record of all the ways we had celebrated our anniversary. If you want to see them all, here is the original list. Let me just add a few updates.
  • 2010--Having moved to Olathe, we made a trip back to Albuquerque to help with the Pendergrass/Stoddard nuptials on the 12th. And when I say help, I mean it was a little bit of a Nelson side show. (Of course, when isn't it with my three lovelies?) Ryan stood up as a groomsman & performed part of the ceremony. Reed & Landis were ring bearers & Ashton a flower girl. Ryan & I even sang. We were blessed to be so involved with Amanda & PD at the beginning of their marital journey! While we were in Abq we were able to leave the kids at Miss Jacqui's (again!) for an evening, go BACK to that fab restaurant Antiquity, and spend the evening at MCM Elegante.
  • 2006--Yes, I realize this is out of chronological order, but I have to take memories as they come or they are gone just as fast. Being part of the wedding last year reminded me that we were also blessed to be part of the ceremony of the Frazier/Smith on the 10th in 2006. Ryan performed the ceremony & I dusted off my wedding coordinator skills for the weekend. The evening of our 11th anniversary we enjoyed a delightful rehearsal dinner with Johanna & Ian and the wedding party.
  • 2011--So, present day, we spent celebrating a few days early with an evening at the Holiday Inn (we love and splurged on room service! Our big kiddos were with Grandma & Grandpa for the week of VBS and Landis spent the night with our dear friends here in KC, the Kelly family. The day of our anniversary, Ryan worked all day on a treehouse for the kids (to surprise them). He, of course, asked for my blessing first. I told him later, I cannot think of anything that better embodies the blessings we have experienced in our marriage.
It is ultimately romantic. The thought would have delighted me on the day of our wedding. In fact, it still does.