Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Overheard while Cleaning the House for Dinner Guests...

Ashton: Who made your bed?

Reed: Why are you trying to make everything look so fancy?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Excitement

These are not in any order or even all on the same level of excitement, but they all bring me joy:

  • Ashton can now not only blow bubbles, but catch them again with the wand and blow them again. Bubble recycling!
  • We've had rain today from the remnants of Dolly. It was such a nice steady rain--unusual in NM. No thunder.
  • We decided to try a different approach to the last half of pregnancy and found out the sex of the baby. (We haven't done that with the other two). It's a boy! But the most exciting result of the ultrasound is that the baby measured 12 days ahead of schedule and that may mean we get to move the due date up to 12/8!
  • My hubby got me a new set of silverware! We have been running out of cereal spoons since a few of our spoons have had a trip to the garbage disposal, and we all use the same size now! So now we have service for 12(!) or three days of cereal for a family of four!
  • I found bing cherries for $.99 a pound at the farmer's market! I snatched them right up!
  • We went swimming yesterday and I got to wear my "new" cute maternity swimsuit! Thank you Stephanie! The kids did great without floaties! Ashton still needs a hand, of course, but I can really see the swim lessons paying off!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Husband's a Better Homemaker than I

I spent 3 days plus on a ladies' retreat in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.

My husband was very willing, but also reluctant to let me go. He had never had the kids on his own overnight before, much less three nights and days and with a Sunday morning in the mix. He was really worried about doing Ashton's hair.

So when I got home I found
  • He had Ashton's hair in cute low pigtails.
  • They had not eaten out the entire time I was gone.
  • He ran the dishwasher everyday, finding things around the house to put in it.
  • HE CLEANED THE OVEN! (and the pans under the burners)
  • He did at least two loads of laundry.
  • He finished the landscaping wall in the front yard. (So he did this on top of everything else.)
  • He had the kids clean their room everyday before supper!
I think I can safely plan many more trips on my own.

But I wouldn't want to. I missed them all too much!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Look at Your Profile

Everyone is on a blog hiatus today for some reason. Which is sad for me because I'm needing some outside adult conversation. But it leads me to look at other things on your pages. So I ask you to go to your own pages and check your profile. Some are fine, but some are way outdated!

Oh, and I know I can't complain about taking a break from blogging!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Fun

So I downloaded 294 pictures tonight. I won't share them all with you. The sad thing is there's another card around here somewhere with I think last summers pics. Here are a few of the highlights from this summer. If you've been to Ryan's facebook, this is a repeat for you.

Reed's Big Five Year celebration at the "Sprayground." We had about 20 kids and 30 adults. Ryan got the award for wettest adult. The kids loved that he could jump up and tip the buckets of water on their heads! It was so much fun! (Even for those of us who stayed dry!)
Those trick candles are the best fun at a kid's birthday! And we only gave him one cupcake, so the others stayed dry and germ-free!

Lots of presents, lots of help!Here's most of the crew there! Reed is turned around because Ryan had them say "Reed's a knucklehead!" Ashton is on the left holding the small blue playground ball. She did a lot of running around that night, but not a lot of getting wet. She was a great little sis and didn't get jealous at all. She knows that "my birt-day's in winter" and she is pretty sure she will have it at the same place! Might be hard to get any guests...
Here is where we found Ashton sleeping one morning. She is laying in the hallway between her room and Reed's. Moved sometime between midnight and 7am. She slept later here than she usually does. Notice she has both her blankets, a bear, a drink, her frog, and I believe two "pappys" (pacifiers).

To rotate, turn your computer!

Here is Reed on his first day of swimming lessons. He is standing in the pool! We didn't know he would be in the baby pool, but they said they would move those who need to be moved by the end of the class. Since he stayed, we thought he must be in the right place. After coming home he told us, "One of the teachers asked me if I wanted to go in the big pool, but I told him no." He's too polite! So we worked it out for the next day.Ashton spent the entire time whining "I wanna go swimming." 287 times! This is her looking in from the outside. The class was for 3-5 so I hadn't enrolled her, but there were at least 3 kids younger than her. I can never tell her again that her whining doesn't do any good because...
...I got her in the next day. Since Reed had moved up, they let her move into his spot. I knew it was worth the money not to listen to the whining for 35 minutes and beyond everyday for 2 weeks. And she really is learning. The bad thing is she'll have to be in this class for a couple years before she can move up. And today they went into the big pool! Impressive!
So this is Reed in the big pool on the second day. He did really well and told us we were right-- that he did have more fun in that class. However the next day was cold and windy, AND the heater in the pool was broken! Everyone was miserable! You could tell the lifeguards were not even excited about getting in that day. I had to do a bit of convincing (special treat) to get him back in the next day, but he did (even though the water was still a bit cold).Okay! You've got to love this! They know how to pose!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


There has been and continues to be an on-going discussion in our home lately. Within a worship service, what is the place of patriotism?

First, let me say we are very proud of our country and those who serve it on a regular basis. We know we have no idea how the sacrifice that has been made for our country. Our freedom should be honored and celebrated! We hope we can pass on an attitude of respect and gratitude to our children, as well as an understanding of what our freedom means. We also recognize the values of our founding fathers were grounded in their faith in GOD! Our country was established under the grace of GOD!

Second, let me also say that through his studies for his Masters, Ryan has become very comfortable with the idea of the role of tradition in worship. Tradition is a relevant tool to point people towards God. This is not just a "contemporary worship" issue.

And, let me say I was not in the service this morning, so I cannot attest to the events firsthand. I was in the nursery.

After a lot of personal struggle, discussion, and study, Ryan shaped a service that highlighted our country, but made God the focus of our worship. The service opened with Ryan leading the congregation (from the back) in an a cappella verse of "God Bless America." One man immediately stood up and the congregation followed. A few minutes later when the praise team began leading in the worship songs, no one stood (except, oddly enough, a guest) for the first verse, until Ryan prompted them to at the chorus. Very disheartening when the people stand to honor our country, but really give no thought to standing to honor God.

So, some of the questions up for discussion are:
  • Is it appropriate to use a Sunday morning worship service to honor someone or something other than God and what he has done for us? (e.g.--"God works through mothers," but should we use Sunday morning to give awards to the mother with the most children; or "Our country needs our prayers," but should we highlight our love of country in a worship service?)
  • How does our view of our country as God's chosen people affect our view of world missions or the universality of Christianity? How would we feel about a similar service in a different country?
  • Where should flags (American & Christian) be placed within a church building? (Not flag etiquette, but as symbols and in relation to the cross.)
  • If a tradition is found to be unhealthy, what role should it play as education is taking place? (i.e.--Should some elements be left in to appease those who cling to the tradition, or if the conviction is strong, should the change be complete immediately.)
  • What do you do if you, as a leader, believe something, but it is not upheld by the leaders around you? If all the leaders do not agree, what do those with the conviction do?
I hope this presents a struggle within you. I look forward to hearing ALL of your comments. If you're reading, again, please comment. But don't quote me any Scripture out of context. I hate that.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can't Catch a Break

Tonight at supper, Ryan was highlighting some exciting things coming up in the next few days. The semi-pro ball game on July 4th (with a tailgate party by our church beforehand), church on Sunday (which Reed had the same gasp of excitement for), and Reed's swimming lessons beginning on Monday. "And guess who has the day off on Monday?"

"Mommy?!" I asked (jokingly, with only 5% resentment).

"No, Daddy!" Reed laughed.

"When does Mommy get a day off?" Ryan asked.