Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Few Zoo Pics

So I've been inspired by two other blogs to post these photos of a day at the zoo for us. Thank you Jess for taking the pictures--I don't take my camera to the zoo. One more thing to carry and more pictures to feel guilty about not scrapbooking.
Here is Ashton navigating out visit. I think she was just tired and wanted to sit. It was her first full day of walking at the zoo. Consequently, it was my first day of carrying a heavy backpack! Olivia and Jonah inspired this post with their same picture. Navigation must be the hot new thing in childhood.
Here is Reed being encouraged by Lesley to feed the giraffe. That long curly tongue really freaked him out!
And here I am early that morning before my Coke! Ha ha! Funny Jess!

What fun! Our zoo is not FREE like you all in St. Louis, but it is cost effective and great cheap entertainment, once you've bought the family pass with guest and split it between two families! cool!


Kari said...

Love the pics! For us it was Dora who really inspired the map. Thank goodness too because now I have someone who knows where they are going! LOL!

PS. I look worse before my pot of coffee!

Tonya (Tonyalita) Moore said...

Um, can you meet me on Monday? Great! I did go to the mall and have lunch with a friend last Friday. I do stuff. I did so much on Monday so I could relax today. I guess I did too much.