Monday, November 24, 2008

Hooray for Lands' End!!

I promised the customer service of Lands' End that I would post this experience on my blog. I want to encourage good customer service whenever I can!

We ordered a gift last week for Ashton's birthday. We had been shopping for a soft chair of some sort that compares to Reed's hippo chair that he loves so much (and that they have started fighting over)! We finally landed on a cute flower one from Lands' End, because it was cute and they could get it here in time. It was about the same price as others we had found.

It arrived last Thursday--in a box about 12"x 18"x 4". Though I am not a math whiz, I could see that this was not all of it, and assumed the insert would be shipped later. Some companies had mentioned this, although I could not remember seeing that for this one. So on Friday I emailed an inquiry about when the insert would be shipped. On Saturday I got a response that was apologetic for the misunderstanding, but said I had ordered only the COVER of the bean bag--the insert would be 60 dollars more (for which they offered free shipping)!!!

Well, needless to say I was a bit irked and got on the site again. The item I had ordered was called the "Flower Bean Bag," and underneath it was the insert that could be ordered as part of my set. I mustered up all the niceness I could find and wrote them back. While I was pretty steamed, they had set such a reasonable tone with their first response, I felt they were due this respect.

To make this long story a bit shorter, I will be getting a cuddly bear chair (in pink) delivered to my door by Wednesday (Friday--the b-day itself--at the latest) without me having to pay any shipping, even the shipping upgrade! And I can return the cover I got to the Sears store and not be charged shipping on that return either!

So check out for some of you holiday shopping! I know there are a lot of expensive items there (like the bean bag and cover SET) but there are some reasonable things there, too. While I feel like the mistake was theirs in the first place, they really did all they could to make me it right and talk (& write) to me with respect. I applaud their customer service reps!

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