Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to Two of the Greatest Dads

I love my Dad.

He taught me about loving God. His life is an example of faith, but he also took time in the moment to share God's truths. One of my earliest distinct memories is of him singing "God is so Good" with me. He baptized me 25 years ago.

He taught me my amazing family heritage and to hold family in high regard. He has always made an effort to be with family near and far. "Your family will always be there!" he says.

He has given me some amazing opportunities: church camps, CIYs, plane trips on my own (to see family!), camping, 5-star hotel stays, fancy restaurants, roadside picnics, road trips to almost every state in the US, school trips (abroad, even!), college, dream wedding, etc., etc., etc.

He taught me how to work hard (much to my dismay, usually)! His girls were not above mowing the lawn!! However, he taught by example that hard work does not always require a change of clothes! :)

He set the bar high for how a husband should treat a wife. And he always made sure I knew that he and Mom would be together for life.

He didn't disown me when I wasn't the daughter he envisioned (aka--the teenage years)!!!

I have such a good Dad, he checks my blog almost every day. That's commitment!!

I love my husband.

He is such a great spiritual leader for our family. He spurs me on toward love and good deeds. And he teaches the kids simple truths with deep implications and childlike clarity.

He loves his family and mine. He has committed to being at nearly every family gathering, no matter how many hours we have had to log in the van.

He is taking me on an adventure. From the early days of ministry in SmallTown, Arkansas, to the lean and exciting days of Plumbline; from the stability and opportunities of ministry in the desert, to the unknown adventures of piecing together a church, I am honored to be at his side.

He has been able to climb over the bar set by my dad about how a husband should treat a wife! He takes every opportunity to tell me he loves me and how he appreciates my beauty (even when I KNOW he must be lying)!

He doesn't make me work hard! He really will not ever let me mow the lawn. Not because he thinks I can't, but because he wants to honor me! And I hardly ever need to put gas in my car. He's like my own full service gas station attendant.

And he still loves me even though I am not the woman he married. Ew. Some days... ew!

Happy Father's Day to two of the greatest dads I know!

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Holly said...

Yes, you are VERY fortunate to have the Father you do.