Friday, July 20, 2012

Because I Need to Remember (And, Currently, be Reminded)

Oh, Landis. My dear Landis. You are ... 3 ... and a half... and I ... love you for so many reasons. The following is certainly not an exhaustive list.

  • You love to eat "swaaan-wiches."
  • You are learning what not to put down the toilet (i.e.--paper clips, pennies, rags, etc.).
  • You are learning to, at least, clean up what doesn't [& should] go into the toilet.
  • You no longer have to wonder what will happen if you pour all your pennies into Mom & Dad's fan.
  • You want to give your money to God so much that you put your pressed souvenir Disney penny into the offering.
  • You could exist for weeks at a time on cheese & tortillas.
  • You affirm you know how to readjust your attitude when you state, "I willn't do it again."
For these reasons, and many, many more, I celebrate who you are and who you are becoming.

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