Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Rumor Mill


I need to set some things straight.

Yes, I'm pregnant. Here are the details:

Status: 14.5 weeks

Due Date: December 20th, 2008

Cravings: One middle of the night craving for a dish made by a restaurant that has been closed for a year. More consistently, stewed tomatoes, especially with macaroni and cheese. My mother used to make me eat these with the mac-n-cheese, and I hated them! Weird!

Side Effects: Headaches, varicose vein farther up and down my right leg, round ligament pain mainly on left side, more constant ear stoppage from possible TMJ, and nausea (which has mainly passed).

Planned?: Baby, yes. Timing, no.

Maternity Clothes: Got them out last weekend. What a relief!

Reed's Comments: "Is your belly getting bigger yet?"

Ashton's Comments: "When you go to hospital?"

Ryan's Comments: "I hope it's twins!" (It's not!)

Sara's Comments: "What have we gotten ourselves into?"

God's Comments: "For I know the plans I have for you..." (Glad it's not all up to us!)


Anonymous said...

I love both of you. (I would have loved all three of you if they were twins).


Kari said...

Congratulations! I love the way you write too!

(Glad its not twins even though it would hav been fun to watch!)

Stephanie said...

Congratulations! You will be such a great mother Again!!!!! I hope Branson still works out for you and me so I can meet your new little blessing too!

Anonymous said...

Love you!

Shelly said...

I'm so excited to be an "Auntie" again!!

Love you all and miss you tons!!

Gary said...

Congratulations! I glad it is you and not us. God does have good plans for you all, and you can trust Him. Love your writing, very interesting and stimulating.

Holly said...

Wonderful. Thanks for filling us in...been wondering!