Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband!

So it always seems that Ryan's birthday gets the shaft in our family. There's always something that distracts or interferes so that we can't celebrate him to the extent he deserves! Even the first year we were dating I didn't do anything because we'd only been "dating" two days. (I think there was a card...) I've always felt a year behind!

Yet again that happened this year so I just want to give him a few of the kudos he deserves here. There are so many reasons why I love an respect him. Here are just a few:
  • He's a stand up guy who will do the right thing even when it isn't easy. He has faced this issue many times, and I know he doesn't enjoy it. But I always have the confidence in his character that he will do what's right, even when I don't feel comfortable with it.
  • He's a great husband! My sisters-in-law tell me I got the romantic in the family! Even if it's not all flowers and chocolates all the time, he always tries to take care of me: giving the kids breakfast so I can catch a few more zzzs, letting me go out with the girls, ALWAYS putting gas in the van so I don't have to, preparing financially for the present and the future, etc., etc., etc.
  • He's a super dad! Not only does he take responsibility for the hard part of parenting ("You're gonna have to talk to your dad when he get's home." "NO, please, No!"), he always makes sure the kids know he loves them. And he plays all those games with them that, frankly, I can't watch all the time!
  • He is not afraid to try anything! Seriously! Car repair, home repair, yard work, ANYTHING! I mean, one time he cut a hole in the side of our house and had a window installed by nightfall! Impressive!
  • He puts up with a lot! Not just from me, but the kids, and a lot of other people, too. And he usually does it with a pretty good attitude!
  • And don't tell him or anyone else I said this, but he's funny! In fact, he's the funny dadest Reed has!
We love you, Ryan, and think you're the best! You deserve a whole lot more for your birthday, and someday you'll get it!


Ryan Nelson said...

With all of my heart I say a most sincere thanks. How blessed I am to have you to share all of life with. When my heart aches you cry with me, when my heart rejoices you laugh with me. When my mind dreams you let it go. When my destination changes you run along side me. If my life were spent without you I would not be a fraction as effective in fulfilling my calling. You might remember a song I wrote for you called "You Complete Me." I wrote that 6 or 7 years ago and I never knew that the process of completely me was still continuing. My joy in life is in my Savior and my family. When i look to the future "things only look brighter." I love you.

Lesley said...

So made me cry! And let me tell you so glad I had something better to cry over... you guys are soooo sweet.