Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's A Trip!

In the classic writing style of the school newspaper genre, let me tell you some of the highlights (and lowlights) from our recent trip to Missouri.  Here are the "Boos" and "Whoo-Hoos." 

Whoo-Hoo:  Seeing many precious family members:  both sets of Grandparents; Uncle Troy, Aunt Tammy, Aaron, & Michaela; Aunt Jess; Uncle Lance, Aunt Pam, Garret, Noah, & Maleea.

Boo:  Having just not quite enough time with any of them.
Whoo-Hoo:  Biblically sound preaching and thought-provoking words to chew on for awhile.
Boo:  Missed nap times and late bedtimes many, many days in a row.

Whoo-Hoo:  Convention provided child-care during the day for Ash and in the evenings for both.  (They're always better for someone else!)
Boo:  A Tornado Warning with a panicked five-year-old and a hungry three-year-old (but a very smiley baby).

Whoo-Hoo:  A basement to go to and several calls of warning and concern.  And the all clear to go eat supper!
Whoo-Hoo:  Surprising my friend Boo by just showing up on the doorstep!  And being welcomed into a house with fresh baked cookies and a playful kid-friendly environment!
Whoo-Hoo:  Staying up late into the night with the Shacks, just like old times!

Boo:  Realizing we are not as young as we used to be!
Whoo-Hoo:  Going to church at New Springs, a church we invested ourselves into in its beginning, and seeing the work continuing.  God is so faithful!
Whoo-Hoo:  Elk City Holidome!  Swimming, mini-golf, shuffleboard, good eats...

Boo:  Hearing ourselves delve into the this-is-a-privilege-to-stay-in-a-place-like-this-and-your-attitude-needs-to-change speech....  More than once.
Boo:  The last day of driving.  You know what I mean.

Whoo-Hoo:  Seeing most of the NACSCAR teams driving back from Las Vegas!  A very good way to pass the time!
Whoo-Hoo:  Home, sweet, home!

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Shelly said...

Great recap, Sara!

So good to see you guys again!

Can't wait until next time!