Monday, July 21, 2008

My Husband's a Better Homemaker than I

I spent 3 days plus on a ladies' retreat in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.

My husband was very willing, but also reluctant to let me go. He had never had the kids on his own overnight before, much less three nights and days and with a Sunday morning in the mix. He was really worried about doing Ashton's hair.

So when I got home I found
  • He had Ashton's hair in cute low pigtails.
  • They had not eaten out the entire time I was gone.
  • He ran the dishwasher everyday, finding things around the house to put in it.
  • HE CLEANED THE OVEN! (and the pans under the burners)
  • He did at least two loads of laundry.
  • He finished the landscaping wall in the front yard. (So he did this on top of everything else.)
  • He had the kids clean their room everyday before supper!
I think I can safely plan many more trips on my own.

But I wouldn't want to. I missed them all too much!


Tonya (Tonyalita) Moore said...

Sara, you and I need to talk. How can I email you?

Lesley said...

Yeah Sara, my husband is a better homemaker as well. Laundry was done, kids room was clean, he took them hiking, went out once to eat... they were exhasted, but clean... But as he reminded me, its easy for 3 days... not for more. I however will look forward to another trip alone, even if I missed them.

Sara said...

Tonya, look a my profile. It's on there!

Stephanie said...

um, is he tryin to make you look bad? jeff does to me every chance he gets b/c he is definetly hands down a better homemaker! Good job Ryan!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so that's how to get the oven cleaned!!

Shelly said...

Steve CAN be a better home maker than I if he wants to be! :) Isn't it great to come home to a clean house and happy kiddos?!

So now that we know he can survive without you for a few days, let's plan a girl's group reunion sometime! :)

Claudia said...

When's the reunion? I"m on it! Seriously, I can see if my parents' condo in N. Myrtle is free for us sometime....... whadya think?