Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random Excitement

These are not in any order or even all on the same level of excitement, but they all bring me joy:

  • Ashton can now not only blow bubbles, but catch them again with the wand and blow them again. Bubble recycling!
  • We've had rain today from the remnants of Dolly. It was such a nice steady rain--unusual in NM. No thunder.
  • We decided to try a different approach to the last half of pregnancy and found out the sex of the baby. (We haven't done that with the other two). It's a boy! But the most exciting result of the ultrasound is that the baby measured 12 days ahead of schedule and that may mean we get to move the due date up to 12/8!
  • My hubby got me a new set of silverware! We have been running out of cereal spoons since a few of our spoons have had a trip to the garbage disposal, and we all use the same size now! So now we have service for 12(!) or three days of cereal for a family of four!
  • I found bing cherries for $.99 a pound at the farmer's market! I snatched them right up!
  • We went swimming yesterday and I got to wear my "new" cute maternity swimsuit! Thank you Stephanie! The kids did great without floaties! Ashton still needs a hand, of course, but I can really see the swim lessons paying off!


Kari said...

Congratulations on the bing cherries, I mean baby boy!

Shelly said...

I'm so excited to hear that your having another boy! That's awesome!

Stephanie said...

Yeah for the baby boy! Isn't it so fun to find out what you are having? Now I suppose you are going to keep us in suspense as to what you are going to name the little guy. I'm so excited about the due date being moved up so we will be able to see you in MO!