Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Fun

So I downloaded 294 pictures tonight. I won't share them all with you. The sad thing is there's another card around here somewhere with I think last summers pics. Here are a few of the highlights from this summer. If you've been to Ryan's facebook, this is a repeat for you.

Reed's Big Five Year celebration at the "Sprayground." We had about 20 kids and 30 adults. Ryan got the award for wettest adult. The kids loved that he could jump up and tip the buckets of water on their heads! It was so much fun! (Even for those of us who stayed dry!)
Those trick candles are the best fun at a kid's birthday! And we only gave him one cupcake, so the others stayed dry and germ-free!

Lots of presents, lots of help!Here's most of the crew there! Reed is turned around because Ryan had them say "Reed's a knucklehead!" Ashton is on the left holding the small blue playground ball. She did a lot of running around that night, but not a lot of getting wet. She was a great little sis and didn't get jealous at all. She knows that "my birt-day's in winter" and she is pretty sure she will have it at the same place! Might be hard to get any guests...
Here is where we found Ashton sleeping one morning. She is laying in the hallway between her room and Reed's. Moved sometime between midnight and 7am. She slept later here than she usually does. Notice she has both her blankets, a bear, a drink, her frog, and I believe two "pappys" (pacifiers).

To rotate, turn your computer!

Here is Reed on his first day of swimming lessons. He is standing in the pool! We didn't know he would be in the baby pool, but they said they would move those who need to be moved by the end of the class. Since he stayed, we thought he must be in the right place. After coming home he told us, "One of the teachers asked me if I wanted to go in the big pool, but I told him no." He's too polite! So we worked it out for the next day.Ashton spent the entire time whining "I wanna go swimming." 287 times! This is her looking in from the outside. The class was for 3-5 so I hadn't enrolled her, but there were at least 3 kids younger than her. I can never tell her again that her whining doesn't do any good because...
...I got her in the next day. Since Reed had moved up, they let her move into his spot. I knew it was worth the money not to listen to the whining for 35 minutes and beyond everyday for 2 weeks. And she really is learning. The bad thing is she'll have to be in this class for a couple years before she can move up. And today they went into the big pool! Impressive!
So this is Reed in the big pool on the second day. He did really well and told us we were right-- that he did have more fun in that class. However the next day was cold and windy, AND the heater in the pool was broken! Everyone was miserable! You could tell the lifeguards were not even excited about getting in that day. I had to do a bit of convincing (special treat) to get him back in the next day, but he did (even though the water was still a bit cold).Okay! You've got to love this! They know how to pose!


Kari said...

Your kids are growing up so fast!

Looks like you are having a great summer! Love the pics!

Ryan said...

I am blessed beyond measure. I love my family so much.

Stephanie said...

They are so precious! I love seeing the pictures. I still have the pictures up of Reed and Caitlyn, when Caitlyn was 3 months old. So it is so hard to picture him turning 5 years old. Happy Birthday Reed! Ashton is so adorable too and what a good convincer (is that a word?) to get herself in the pool. She and Caitlyn must talk alot, they know a lot of the same tricks.

Judy said...

I love the "to rotate turn your computer pict"! I can sure see little Sara and little Ryan. Cute, cute!
Love ya!

Holly said...

Ah shucks...I was looking forward to nearly 300 pictures today! I LOVE Ashton's sleeping place and the plethora of sleeping gear she brought with her. That is way too cute! I tried to rotate my computer but it didn't help the picture. Derek said I needed to actually rotate the monitor, not the thing I have on the floor. It's good to know that whining does actually get you what you want. I think I'll try it tomorrow!