Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For My Good Friend,...uh...Eric

So I guess my recent political blog has gotten some of my readers (at least one of them) contemplating what I said. This is good; I contemplated it a good many showers and took the entire day to write "the truth as I know it" as far as the political lack of truth out there today. I don't know if anyone else has been contemplating my thoughts, so I address most of this to, um, Eric. Clarification is always good, so I post it here because the rest of you are welcome to read along....

Okay, Eric.

First of all, let me say I am honored to be considered blog-worthy. Having kept up with your blog in recent months, I know that you only blog when you feel it important. Or really cool. Either one is an honor.

And I have always felt like I had a relationship with you where I could tell you the truth, whether you liked it or not, and you would laugh, but respect me for it. Perhaps the distance between us, or even the vagueness of the written word, has diminished that understanding in this case. So let me offer a few more thoughts on the situation.
  • I find it hilarious that you are faced with opposing conservative views at your school. It wasn't till I was a teacher in Prairie Grove that I realized I could actually LIKE people that were, ...well, ...honestly, ...democrats. I was the lone Republican, perhaps in the building. I was very quiet most of the time for those 4 years. There was a time or two when I spoke up, and I was glad I did.
  • I do believe I am dealing with my shrapnel wounds from living in a state where we fear vandalism of our house if we were to put a Republican sign in the yard. It is frustrating dealing with a "Santa Fe" society that believes there is no such thing as too much government and character takes a back seat to "leadership" and personal agenda.
  • I have always been confounded and a bit irritated by those undecideds who say they just "vote for the best man for the job." I have just recently figured out why. I don't believe that the "man" really stands alone or can do anything without his party in Washington. There is not a best "man" for the job, only the best party. (Please note: I am in no way suggesting the Republican party is perfect in any way!!!) I'm not saying he won't do a couple things on his own, but for the most part, he stands with his party. The main part the man plays is his character. A man of substantial character might be able to lead his party and make a great difference, but I believe these great leaders are few and far between, and probably not revealed until several years into his term.
  • My problem with McCain is that he is doing all this political pandering and digging himself deeper into a hole. He is not standing on the values of his party (maybe because he doen't share them all), and people are not buying into his bi-partisan, don't-offend-anyone stance.
  • As far as the merit of opposing views and predetermined ideology, I can tell you that I go back to the term "dyed in the wool conservative." I hold to the values of conservatism as a part of who I am. I filter new ideas through these values, rather than how they sound like they would benefit me. I believe conservatism upholds the best of the country (and even the world) over the what is best for self. Obviously, dems disaggree.
  • My voice and conviction to speak the truth (at least in politics) comes sporadically and mainly through this blog right now. I appreciate you letting me clarify my values to myself, if not to you.
As far as the rest of you, I promise to put the eyefire away and get back to our happy vacation pictures soon. Stay tuned....


Monica said...

"I don't believe that the "man" really stands alone or can do anything without his party in Washington. There is not a best "man" for the job, only the best party."

Amen, Sister! Although not nearly as politically minded as most, I said this very same thing to Corbett 2 nights ago. I'm enjoying it. Keep it up. :)

Gary said...

Not only do I enjoy your political comments (and I agree with them); even more so, I love your writing style for its clarity and your ability to communicate in precise detail. Each time I read your blog, I think, "She ought to be writing books and tracts and articles." The world needs your kind of writing. Think about it please.