Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vacation 3: Beach Bums

The condo we stayed at in Iowa had a nice sandy beach on the lake just outside our unit. Once the weather warmed up a bit, we enjoyed it as much as we can.

This was a good view to have of the situation, but I was unable to maintain this pose for long.

Ryan and the kids walked out onto the dock that enclosed the swimming area for a photo op. At one point they were sitting on a skinnier spot of the deck, when I came out to join them. Reed decided he needed to "move over to a wider part of the deck, so mama can sit with us." I tried not to take offense.

Here is my hubby who has recently gotten into the self-portraits. I think he is trying to avoid a lack of pictures of himself, like his Grandpa Nelson had. He took the pictures--he was not in them.
Ashton enjoys the clear water. It was too cold for mom to ever put on her suit, but Dad got in with them.
Looking for cool rocks. We found a few shells, but they turned out to be pistachio shells. Not quite worth bringing home.
Reed's sand castle. Notice the pool with a stick bridge over it. He was very proud of this. We did wish that we had the sand building expertise of Grandpa Dallas.
Here's another sand castle on another day. But I really put this in so you could see the green water on this day. This was at some point in the middle of the week, so we were glad that it didn't last more than a day!
All in all, it was a very relaxing time. I even got a bit of a tan (and a bit more) one day. We would definitely recommend this resort to anyone, at least with younger kids!

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