Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks for the Advice

So I do thank all of your for your input on the problem. I have taken all you have said to heart and have even used a few of the tips. And I know it's good, but his behavior on the whole has been WAY better. Maybe last weekend was just what we had to navigate to get to this good part. (Last weekend was the first weekend since February that Ryan has been all ours because he was done with his paper.)

My plan of action:

1. Clearly (over)define when to make these noises and when to not make these noises. I fear the latter will be a very short list and may depend a lot on my mood.

2. Duck the neighbors for a while and ignore the sounds when outside. Again I feel like too much of this will depend on my mood.

3. Clap to get his attention rather than yell his name.

4. Try to more often catch him using an appropriate volume and tone.

5. Take him to some loud sporting events.

6. Get the hearing tested at the five-year check up.

7. Buy some earplugs, and perhaps buy stock in the company.

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Stephanie said...

A friend down the street once made a comment and I have realized it to be true. "My child is horrible one week and then pretty good for about 2-3 weeks." Thank goodness for those good weeks! I'm glad things are going better and that Ryan is able to be around more, that is always so helpful! For him and you both.